Graphic Design Guru

Neo Iraklio, Attiki, Greece · Marketing


efood is looking for a designer!

We are looking for someone slaying digital marketing and social media designs. A talented individual who thrives on supporting the design of online and offline marketing material. We are here to save the unicorns left in the world by reducing food delivery flyers, ending world hunger and generating awesome brand love, thus we need someone with senior design skills to join our -great- cause!

You will form a design team with our already existing creative team in order to:

Design online marketing material
- Marketing banners (GDN, FB etc)
- Photoshop, retouching & compositing (ex: Coca Cola Header Image)
- HTML5 banners
- Social Media posts (FB, Instagram etc)
- CRM Visuals
-Gaming banners
- Landing pages for relevant campaign

Design offline marketing material
- Print (Leaflets, coupons, large scale banners etc)
- TVC & relevant visuals (including packshots, splash pages etc)

- Logo design (ex: sub-brands like Fight For Your Food, Foodiversity etc)
- Branded synergy overview (ex: Vodafone Deals)
- Key visual identity on sponsored events


Apply if:

Seriously though, apply if:


You will be a part of a fast growing multinational company, member of the Delivery Hero holding, with the opportunity to acquire new skills and grow professionally.

Moreover, you will have the chance to work with experienced Digital Marketing professionals, observe the way an established, yet creative and fun, business is organized, and participate in a team that its highest goal is to end world hunger.

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